Are you selling, buying or otherwise transferring a property? Schedule a consultation with our conveyancing solicitors today

Frank Buttimer & Company offers clients professional, dedicated and highly experienced conveyancing legal services.

Our conveyancing solicitors offer individuals peace of mind when buying, selling or otherwise transferring a property.

The experience of our solicitors encompasses private property transfers and we oversee all aspects of the transfer, including inter-generational property transfers.

For legal advice and legal services concerning property sales, property purchasing, property disputes and voluntary transfers. Schedule a consultation with Frank Buttimer & Company today.

Our Conveyancing legal Services Include:

• Mortgage of property: The decision to mortgage a property is a serious financial undertaking. It is in an individual's interest to ensure they get the best possible legal advice and representation. Our professional mortgage solicitors are available to assist our clients.

• Purchase of property: From first-time residential property buyers to companies expanding their property portfolio, Frank Buttimer & Company ensures that the property purchasing process is as smooth, straightforward and stress-free as possible.

• Sale of property: Our experienced and professional conveyancing solicitors ensure that all our client's legal obligations are met when selling a property. We make the process as streamlined and as time-efficient as possible.

• Property disputes: Our team of conveyancing solicitors represent and protects the interests of clients who are involved in a property dispute with a third party. Disputes can take the form of ownership conflicts and boundary issues.

• Voluntary transfers: Frank Buttimer & Company are available to advise on voluntary transfers.