Personal Injury: Injuries on Their Own Do Not Attract Compensation!

Personal injury awards will be reduced in the near future under new guidelines agreed be-tween the government and judiciary.

Some awards for injuries sustained in road traffic acci-dents and in the workplace have tended to be on the high side in recent years and can be a multiple of awards made in the UK for similar accidents. High awards here have also had the undesirable effect of tempting many litigants in to exaggerating or even faking their in-juries and sometimes the accident itself.

Some awards made in personal injury cases have been widely publicised in the media espe-cially in so called catastrophic cases where a recent award of in excess of twenty million euro was made. Some members of the public could be forgiven for thinking that an award is

nearly always made in cases where the plaintiff does indeed suffer serious injuries and is blameless himself.


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