Cyclists have the same rights as any other road user but are the most vulnerable. In road traffic accidents, an injured cyclist must prove that the other party caused the accident which resulted in his injuries.

If the cause of the injury to the cyclist was poor road conditions, then the owner of the road or property, if privately owned, owes a duty of care to such road users.

In such road accidents which results in injury, cyclists should seek medical examination. It might be the case where a person feels they are not injured at all, but later medical issues arise which can be related back to the injury caused in the road accident. So, visit your local GP and get examined whether you think the injury is minor or not

The Gardai should be involved in such cases and a Garda report requested as such reports are very useful in establishing liability. In minor accidents, the Gardai may not be involved.

Delay in seeking medical assistance is unwise as you could be deemed to be negligent yourself if you do not seek attention promptly.

While at the scene of the accident, take the car registration number, insurance details of the other driver and as most people have mobile phones, take pictures of the road, road signs (if any) and vehicles.

The more information available about the crash scene will assist the court in making a decision.


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