Criminal Defence

We represent many clients charged with Road Traffic and Criminal Offences. We accept instructions in relation to cases in the District Court in Anglesea Street, Cork City. We will agree, by prior arrangement, to represent clients in other District Court areas on a case by case basis. We represent clients prosecuted on indictment before the Circuit Criminal Court, the Central Criminal Court and the Special Criminal Court. We have extensive experience in the area of Criminal Defence and provide a reliable and efficient service to clients ensuring that their rights are protected in this extremely important area of law.

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Our Criminal Defence Legal Service

For individuals who have had an encounter with the Gardai and may be facing a possible criminal charge, it’s extremely important to seek out the services of a dedicated criminal defence law firm. All our solicitors have extensive experience in criminal defence cases. We’ve been involved in highly publicised cases that attracted intense media scrutiny from the national press. Our solicitors have experience in how to handle this added pressure and still offer the client the very best criminal defence legal services available in Ireland.

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